Short-Form Video Is The Future Of Marketing

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More and more Brands are moving further away from direct advertising, whose metrics are hard to calculate, and into original video content, content that is created not to sell but to engage. There are some real tangible benefits to Short-Form videos:

1. More and more users are consuming their video entertainment online.
2. Marketers are using video to engage social media audiences.
3. There are plenty of avenues for dissemination, Social Media, TV, Streaming Apps, etc.
4. Social Media is king. Short-Form videos are excellent to engage your audience on Social Media.
5. They can be produced for a smaller budget, quicker turn around time and are more effective than text or photos.
6. Audiences are consuming more and more Short-Form video content.
7. Millennials love video (and hate reading text).
Check out these great Short-Form videos we just completed for one of our clients, FedChoice Federal Credit Union.

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